9 Travel Trailer Brands You Definitely Don’t Want to Drive!


If you did a little bit of research, you know travel trailers aren’t cheap. Buying one of these vehicles is an investment. You need to be sure of it before you pull the trigger.More importantly, you want a vehicle you can trust.

You’re buying a travel trailer to drive around the country – and you don’t want it to break down in the middle of nowhere.You’ll find plenty of websites that’ll tell you what brands you can trust – but not many of them will tell you which ones you need to keep away from.

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In this article, you’ll find the worst 9 travel trailers to avoid!

1. Hurricane

Ever heard the expression best bang for your buck? This is probably the complete opposite of that. And that’s considering its low price – something plenty of people has fallen for in the past.Here’s the thing: the price is so low because you’re not buying a travel trailer; you’re buying a handful of problems in the form of a vehicle!If you buy a Hurricane trailer, you’ll have to deal with a wide variety of problems, ranging from scrap-level material to faulty brakes. Everything could be a problem here.


2. Jayco

Plenty of people have a love-hate relationship with Jayco. And, no wonder! This brand has a few nice features – but, most of the time, the whole thing is more trouble than it’s worth.When it comes to travel trailers, nice features are extra – but functionality is the name of the game. And, unfortunately, Jayco vehicles are one-star products when it comes to functionality.This trailer is a 5-star kind-of-thing when it comes to repairs – because you’ll be doing plenty of them if you own one. When you drive a Jayco, things will fall apart or stop working suddenly and out of nowhere, all the time.

3. Coleman

Inless than a decade, Coleman has made a name for itself in the market – for all the wrong reasons.Unreliability and poor materials are the main protagonists in this sad brand saga. It’s not rare for a Coleman customer to visit the mechanic after one week of driving around.The Coleman driver may need a replacement for something, or to fit a bunk window that fell out of place halfway through a trip – and that could be you if you buy a Coleman.


4. Fleetwood

You might be surprised to find Fleetwood on this list. Unfortunately, this brand has taken a nosedive quality-wise. And it’s been going on for a good couple of years.The worst thing about it all is the customer service. They go as far as not honoring their customer’s warranty – and it’s all downhill from there.Fleetwood now offers unreliable travel trailers with a warranty that’s no good. Soon enough, you’ll find out that you can rely on a Fleetwood vehicle – to be of terrible quality.


5. Winnebago

Winnebago is a new player in the travel trailer game – and they’re not doing so great so far. At their best, they get nothing but mixed reviews.Certain customers fell in love with their Winnebago trailers and have no regrets. Unfortunately, more often than not, most customers want their money back.The exterior finish is often cited as a reason why the vehicle feels subpar – and the vehicle’s interior is far from ideal. To add insult to injury, Winnebago’s customer service has a hard time honoring warranties.


6. Coachmen

After more than six decades’ worth of experience, Coachmen still managed to be on this list.It’s heartbreaking to see, but what once was deemed as an excellent brand is nothing but something to avoid nowadays.Coachmen vehicles suffer from run-off-the-mill issues, such as faulty screws and poor electrical insulation. There are also other, more rare issues like vehicles with no water valves.Simply put, Coachmen is not worth it anymore.


7. Keystone

Keystone markets its vehicles as a durable and spacious option. What they don’t tell you about is their poor customer service, technical faults, and structural nightmares.Not only that, but their website is impossible to manage. And they probably created such a complicated website to match their poorly-designed control boards.Their functionality is bad and their material doesn’t fall behind quality-wise.

8. Forest River

Do you know what’s worse than a terrible brand of travel trailers? A brand that used to be great.They are the complete opposite of what they once were: unreliable vehicles, poor-quality materials, terrible customer service, and more.There’s hope, though. Forest River has a large customer base – so they might get their act together soon to avoid losing them.


9. Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream is following Forest River’s path. Once good, now terrible. At least, Forest River has your average issues. Gulf Stream has unique issues.For example, their vehicles have more leakage problems than you would think is possible. And they are not caused due to their poor materials (they do have them, though) but they come from design flaws and a poor manufacturing process.They have workmanship and design issues, which stems from a total lack of attention – and that’s a real problem that should be addressed soon.




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